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Follow this QR code to receive £50.00 OFF a MyZone Switch


Facility Code: HHSLUK001

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Myzone is a cutting-edge heart rate-based system that offers a lot of benefits to our members looking to enhance their fitness journey. With Myzone, members can track their heart rate accurately in real-time, allowing for a personalised and optimised workout experience. 

This data-driven approach not only motivates our members to push themselves further but also helps in monitoring progress and setting achievable fitness goals. 

Follow this QR code to register with MZ Open, allowing you to use Myzone technology on your Apple or Android watch.

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If you already have a fitness watch, then MZ Open will provide you with a platform to effortlessly share your fitness achievements, connect with others in the fitness community, and partake in friendly competitions, further enhancing your overall fitness experience. 

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